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MC4 Connectors, IP 67

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We selling 5 Pairs IP67 MC4 Connectors (Male and Female) for Solar Panel M/F Photovoltaic Connectors, which include Contact material: Fine copper and Insulation material: PPO


The MC4 Connectors, IP 67

Having an alternative source of energy is considered a prudent decision for both individuals and business to make. In most cases, when blackouts occur, we tend to lose a lot in terms of resources and sometimes we are immensely affected. With MC4 Connectors, IP 67, some unnecessary inconveniences can be avoided.

Bharat Solar Mounting Structure is one of the best and leading manufacturer and suppliers from New Delhi and Haryana that offers the best MC4 Connectors, IP 67 that you will never regret purchasing.

MC4 Connectors, IP 67 are single electrical connectors that are used for joining solar panels. It allows the parts of panels to be constructed easily by inserting the connectors from the neighboring panels together by hand.

The MC4 Connectors, IP 67 comprises a plug and a socket outline. Strangely, the sockets and plugs are set in the plastic shells that seem, by all accounts, to be the inverse sex plug is inside a round and hollow shell that resembles a female connector yet is alluded to as male, and also the socket is inside a square test that looks male however is thought to be electrically female. The female connector consists of two plastic fingers that must be squeezed toward the focal test somewhat to embed into gaps in the of the male connector. At the point where the two are put together, the fingers slide down the gaps until they achieve a score cut into the side of the connector, where they get outward to bolt the two together.

When it comes to safety, MC4 Connectors, IP 67 takes the lead. The technology used here ensures constant spring pressure so as to provide low resistance contacts. To be precise, MC4 Connectors, IP 67 conforms to the basics for a safe electrical that has long term stability. However, you should understand that interruption needs one to have a special direct current circuit breaker that allows opening the circuit without causing any damage to the system.

Another incredible feature about MC4 Connectors, IP 67 is based on its durability. Bharat Solar Mounting Structure seems to understand the fact that customers will never desire to buy anything that will never last for a considerable period of time. The materials used to build this product are meant to survive any type of mishandle.

Also, the MC4 Connectors, IP 67 is water and dust proof. This, therefore, means that when making use of this product you need to worry about dust and water.


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