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solar mounting structure


Bharat solar mounting  is the leading manufacturers of solar panels hardware that are used for mounting solar panels. The solar mounting structures are used to facilitate energy generation in homes aiding in cutting the electricity bills.  Solar module structure; this comprises of bulk photovoltaic (PV) models commonly used in outdoor power sources. Different solar systems have different solar module structures which typically consist of a number of connected solar cells that use light from the sun and convert it into electricity.

Generally there are four types of solar module mounting structures available these include:

1.Ground-based module mounting structure 2. Roof-mounted structures 3.  Module mounting clamps 4.  Concreted solar power support structures  The solar panels are highly durable, easy to install, cost-effective, made of unmatched quality and made with utmost precision to suit customer’s needs . Ground mounting structure; these structures are used while installing framed or Frameless PV modules. Solar module tracking are used to mount the solar panels on surfaces like roofs and grounds.

It has a number of pre-assembled parts made of either aluminum or steel with high corrosion resistance to ensure maximum product life. Ground mounting supports used include pole mounts usually dug directly into the ground or embedded by concrete, foundation mounts and ballasted footing mounts. Ground mounting structure are more prone to theft hence they need professional installation and even taking precautions to ensure they are not vandalized.

The solar mounting structures manufactured by Bharat guarantee you an energy efficient solution that enable you to tap sunlight that will be converted into electricity in an optimum way. It is also easy to get spare parts in case they are needed anytime and there is a customization option to fit the client’s needs. The solar mounting structures are available at very affordable prices with guaranteed easy installation, minimal maintenance and long life service.


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