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RCC mounting structure


It’s not necessary to use up energy while you can efficiently produce your own. The product is specially designed to convert sun-rays to energy. This is more reason for you to have a Solar Mounting Structure facility.

Although our company was launched only a couple of years back in 2016, it has gained immense popularity at present. Our production unit is situated in Rohtak in the state of Haryana. You might also pay a visit to our head office located in Delhi.

Amongst our portable products, mention may be made of RCC Roof Top Structure, Structures for Industries & Sheds, Parking Structures, Ballast Type Structure, and Walkways.

Industrial structures & sheds

Aluminium has been widely used for the roof as it provides maximum strength and less penetration of the roof. They provide better heat management in excess heat. One widely used building material for the solar panel is RCC. It creates roofs, footings, slabs, and stairs among st others. It has different size slabs making RCC and Flat rooftops with some hurdles on the roof.

Factors that make RCC Roof Structures stand out are;

It’s corrosion resistant

It’s weather resistant even on the
high wind speed of 150-175km/hr.

It’s faster to fix it with fasteners
based on the chemicals on site.

The average
industrial installation costs 8-15K inclusive of VAT. It includes;




Mounting system

Electrical connections


All the help needed from the start to
completion of the project

Reasons to
use this panel;

It’s pocket-friendly

Easy to install

Long service solution for years

Save electricity cost

Minimal maintenance

Sharp construction dimensions to suit
your needs

Environment-friendly as it decreases
the carbon footprint

Up rises your business net value

Supports any roofing system

Make your installation today!

Feel free to visit:  www.bharatsolarmountingstructure.com or you might also email us or even call us at (+91) 9990217790 or (+91) 0120 4110937 in case you’d like to hire our services. Customer satisfaction is our motto and we will live up to your expectations.


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