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solar mounting structure


Our company is among the most reputable suppliers, manufacturers, and traders of high-quality solar panels. Bharat Solar Module Structure caters for all your family’s electrical needs. In so doing, the financial burden of paying the electric bill every month is lifted.   You may need to pay very little because the number of days you will solely rely on electricity will be greatly cut shot. The price of installation is between 8 to 15 euros (including VAT).

This charge will cover complete installation including; solar panels, inverter, labor, mounting system, electrical connections, design and consultancy throughout the entire process. The solar mounting structure size will be tailored to the client’s specifications. This will also depend on the size of your solar panel. The product hardly needs any maintenance and is, therefore, a purchase worth your while.

They are built with the high-quality aluminum mounting structure to maintain strength and give them a great finished look. They are specifically designed to greatly escalate solar panels. All our products go through extensive quality checks to ensure nothing sub-par is released into the market.  Our solar panel mounting structure offers a fine quality finish that enables them to support solar panels on any type of roofing structure; clay tiles, asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, slate, synthetic roofs, metallic roof systems and many more.

Our solar panels are built to efficiently convert all available solar rays into electricity to run your household appliances.

Reasons to buy the aluminum solar mounting structure

•  The structure will hold and greatly support your solar panels on any roofing system.

•  It is easy to install and has reduced maintenance.

•  The structures are affordable.

•  They are made with material that is resistant to both corrosion and tarnishes.

•  Increasing the net value of your home

•  It is durable and, therefore, will be used for years to come.


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