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Types of Mounting Structures Available from a Solar Mounting Structure


Solar installations have grown multi-fold in the recent years with India set to become the biggest solar nation of the world, fuelled by reducing installation costs. However, the efficiency of a solar panel depends largely on the choice of the right solar mounting structure type. Here is a brief explanation of different types available from a solar mounting structure manufacturer for you to choose the right one to effectively secure, mount, & tighten all the solar modules.

• Roof Mounted Racks And Roop Top Mounting Structure: This type of structure maintains a proper distance between the solar array and the battery bank. These are of 2 types, fixed and adjustable fixtures. Any shadow through trees or buildings should be avoided to ensure a proper working with this structure type.

• Ground Mounts: You can go for the ground mount as an alternative to the roof mount. This is a feasible solution for areas surrounded by shadows. These structures are preferred if the area is clean and has a stable environment. However, there is a disadvantage, this structure can cause a fault if exposed to dirt, leaves, and snow at its base.

• Pole Mounts: Two different types of pole mounts are available with a solar mounting structure manufacturer. These are Top-pole and Side-pole mounted racks. While the top pole lessens the risk of theft or side effect, the side pole is comparatively easy to install and used for tiny solar modules, such as for lighting systems.

• Tracking system mounted racks: These systems attract the maximum amount of sun radiations for generating electricity, with 2 different structure options, one-axis and two-axis. One-axis generally follows east to west movement of the sun to catch the rays. On the other hand, the two-axis system tracks both the daily and seasonal course of the sun, and majorly use a PV concentrator system to generate electricity.

This will help you get the right mounting system from your solar mounting structure manufacturer to gain the most from your solar investment.


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