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RCC Roof Structures

RCC is one thing which has been widely used as building materials to create roofs, footings, slabs, stairs and many more. Our 9x9, 6x2, 5x2 and 3x2 slabs are specially designed to make RCC and Flat roof tops which are with some hurdles at site or roof.

Our RCC Structure is designed in Z and C sections keeping in mind the wind speed of 150 and 175 KM/H. It gets a dip in galvanization that is hot enough which ensures best rust protection in every form. The support of the RCC structures gets fixed with J bolts on foundation columns. It can also be fixed with fasteners made with chemical based on site.

Cable Trays

Cable tray systems are an amazing solution for running huge amount of power or data cables over roof or under floor. We deliver the most effective, reliable and best support for all your cabling needs. Cable trays are offered as per the requirements of clients. They can choose from the wide range of designs. With the constant improvement and improvisation in pioneering techniques of our organization, we are best at manufacturing and supplying best quality Cable Trays by finding their purpose of use for wiring of power plants, solar power plants and factories.

We are known for best construction and Easy installation of cable tray. We give Premium finishing to the installation which are resistant towards any kind of Breakage.

Structures for Industries & Sheds

Sheds for industries are specially designed with Aluminum and alloy for shed roof which provides maximum strength and poke and penetrate roof even less. This is specifically designed to provide better heat management for excess heat in solar panel so heat can get minimized on shed roof. Our designs are known for its weather resistance, corrosion resistance, low maintenance, cost effective and easy to install. Designs for standing or less flat roof, where penetration is not possible, shed roof is also available.

Parking Structures

With the increasing car parking and electricity demand, our perfectly designed mounting structure and solar Panels can get installed on a shed which is being used as a Car park. This innovative Architecture solution efficiently combines solar energy application and car parking solution. It provides shadow to vehicles & produce electricity at the same time. This mounting structure offers multiple choices of designs that are suitable for each type of buildings and areas by using integrated cable ducts, water ducts, and inverter switchboard.

Ballast Type Structure

Ballast is a very common alternative for solar installations which are unable to pierce either the roof or the ground. It is a best solution for all those company who don’t want to poke a hole on roof. Our specific designed ballast mounting structure is designed keeping in mind the Indian site conditions. This structure is extremely convenient for all sites which has less space and can be installed easily on the roof with minimum roof clearance. It can also be installed on ballast with J bolt and Fastener.


Walkways are basically to give way to walk when the solar panel is installed, for the purpose of cleaning and maintenance. Walkways are available in many designs and specifications as per the demand of clients. We are best at providing and making supreme and premium quality of walkways with the ever changing technique. These walkways are for industrial shed roof and for solar plants. This is for shed roof maintenance & cleaning. We provide easy installation with premium finish and breakage resistance.

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